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Hope, sorry, I have to cancel. Maggie's out of town and I have Cassie for the weekend. <3 (Did I mention I have Cassie? Yay!)

It was only their third date, a movie this time, but Hope still put a lot of work into getting ready...and a little vexed about all the effort she put into it, but she could hardly begrudge Scott time with Cassie.

After a couple of messages exchanged, the culprit came to light: the Van Dyne foundation charity auction. It was one of the very few things she and her father were in perfect accord on, the existence of the charitable organization named in honor of Janet van Dyne, supporting STEM programs for young women in schools nationwide. The auction had been three weeks ago, but apparently they had trouble getting in touch with Maggie and Paxton, both of whom had attended and bid on a weekend winery tour. It was Paxton's only weekend off for the next month, the trip had been kind of expensive...

Hope wavered for a long time over taking off her makeup and checking out her Netflix queue or...

how do you and Cassie feel about pizza and visitors?

Nearly ten minutes went by, with Hope getting more and more anxious by the second before Scott finally responded.

Visitors are welcome if they come bearing pizza. Those with extra pineapple get hugs.

With a silent promise to herself that she'd smack Scott if he was the one that wanted the pineapple, she headed into the bathroom to redo her makeup, going with something less stark and more natural looking before she headed for her car. Stopping off at the best pizza place she knew of, she ordered two large pizzas, one of them done with half extra pineapple, before heading to Scott's apartment.

She knocked on the door, and waited...trying not to be afraid of the little girl somewhere on the other side.
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She keeps waiting for it...and it never comes.

The kiss was a sort of--eruption, something bubbling over and just coming out. It was real and unexpected, and Hope will go to her grave without admitting to a soul just how good it was. It was surprisingly good, shocking and oddly sweet because that's all it was.

She keeps waiting for the rest. Cheesy come ons, bad pick up lines, more stolen moments and a dozen opportunities to shut him down hard.

It never comes.

He's smarmy, but gracious when she offers him the position in R&D. It's a front, helps legitimize him for his daughter's sake and keeps him close when he needs to be Ant Man, but he ends up actually being useful on several projects that have been stuck in development for quite some time.

He's smug, but attentive when they train, developing his combat skills further now that there's time to expand on his skill set.

He's mouthy, but genuine as he helps her father look after the ant colonies, taking a very real interest in them not just for the work, but because he's got an interest in breeding a new transport carpenter.

He's aggravating, a wiseass, and a pain in the neck...but he doesn't put a single move on her. He doesn't say a single disgusting thing, and the only time he touches her is when they train, and it's never indecent. For nearly a month and a half, she keeps waiting for him to come at her again, and he doesn't.

He's...decent about it.

It's surprising at first, then puzzling...then frustrating.

She finally reaches her breaking point seven weeks after the kiss (not that she's counting), and stalks into R&D with a USB in hand that she drops on the surface of his work station.

"Schematics for the condenser that Martin is working on: go over them, and figure out what the hell he did wrong so I can get this off my desk." she instructs briskly. "Also, are you busy Saturday?"


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